The Program in Religious Studies encourages students to participate in internships that integrate academic knowledge and practical experiences. Internships combine off-campus work that provides significant learning in the area of religious studies with academic study supervised by a program faculty advisor.

Students completing a PRS internship must secure a Religious Studies faculty advisor and enroll in the internship course PRS 92a/b by completing the ‘Form for Adding a 92a/b Internship Course’ on the Registrar’s website:


Students will meet regularly with their on-site advisor to discuss their internship obligations and observations. In addition, students will meet regularly with their Brandeis internship faculty advisor to discuss academic readings agreed to by the professor. Students are expected to keep a journal of field notes on the days on which they are on site in which they record their activities, observations, and analysis guided by a set of questions produced with the professor. Finally, students will write a paper or papers totaling at least 15 pages exploring major themes emerging from their work experience and robustly supported by academic literature on their topic of inquiry.

Criteria for PRS Internships

PRS Internships must focus on one or more secular or religious sites or institutions where scholarly questions about religious belief, behavior, institutions, communities, clergy, music, art, architecture, texts, rituals, philosophy, ethics, or public/private engagement may be observed.

Internship topics may include: Religious textual interpretation; religious art, architecture, and/or music; the theology or philosophy that you discern in a specific religious institution or space; the public engagement of a religious body; the ethical priorities that you discern; social services provided by religious communities, or self-identified secular institutions that engage with religion in direct or indirect ways.

Process of Approval

Students will first meet with a faculty advisor and the on-site supervisor to arrange the details of the internship and fill out the Registrar’s Form for Adding a 92a/b Internship Course (; to which the student may need to append additional pages). The student then submits the form to the Undergraduate Advising Head and to the Chair for approval prior to beginning the internship. After approval, the student can then submit the form to the Registrar.