Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

Shari Boiskin
Shari Boiskin
Class of 2021 (Study Abroad Spring 2020)

Shari Boiskin '21, from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, is majoring in Near Eastern and Judaic studies (Bible and Ancient Near East) and minoring in religious studies. She is interested in ancient Judaism and Christianity. Shari volunteers as a Waltham Group tutoring and serves as the communications coordinator on the boards of Hillel and the Brandeis University Conservative Judaism Organization. In her role as UDR, she is excited to help others to become involved and to learn about the great opportunities and classes within the religious studies program.  

photograph of Jaiden Gividen
Jaiden Gividen
Class of 2021
Jaiden Gividen '21, from Mount Washington, Kentucky is majoring in Near Eastern and Judaic studies and minoring in Religious Studies, Legal Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is interested in how pluralism is achieved and how religions are adapting to the modern world. Jaiden works at Lemberg daycare and wants to one day work with nonprofit organizations. She is prepared to assist others as a UDR by providing class information and hosting meetings to develop class ideas for the future. She looks forward to meeting anyone interested in broadening their cultural understanding of the world through religion.