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SLS Spartan Team

Spartan Team

This months spotlight goes out to the SLS Spartan team, comprised of Jamele Adams, Matt Carriker, Robbie Steinberg and Johnny Wilson. 

Jamele, Matt, Robbie & Johnny recently completed the Spartan Beast, and we thought it would be great to share their awesome experiences, and learn a little about why they participate in this grueling, gritty, near-impossible journey. Here's what they had to share:
This is my third Spartan Race.
I do it because of the camaraderie, kinship and love of the human spirit.  There is no comparison to the teamwork and selflessness that takes place during these races.  These other Brandeis Spartans were literally the "wind beneath my wings" on several occasions!
I'm retiring!, But the other Brandeis Spartans tell me it's not possible.  We'll see!  After completing the Spartan Beast, it further cemented that "the impossible is quite possible", particularly with great people. Everyone that has the slightest interest should explore it and then perhaps try out a Spartan Sprint, which is the shortest course.  However, short does not mean easy! AROO!

This is my 3rd Spartan Race: I've done a Sprint, a Super, and the Beast! (all three we've done as a Brandeis team)
I love many parts of doing Spartan races together- the teamwork and camaraderie are amazing.  Together, we've done and accomplished things I never imagined doing!  It's incredible to push our bodies and minds further than we ever thought.  All our successes have been through the support and encouragement and love we've shared.
We've just recovered from our last Spartan race, but are currently contemplating when our next race will be.  There are other less intense obstacle races too that perhaps a bigger team from Brandeis would like to do.
What an amazing way to foster cooperation, teamwork, and a sense of unity, pushing ourselves to limits we've never dreamt before!

This was my 7th Spartan race, and 15th obstacle course race.
I did my first Spartan Race to force myself to get in shape, and now I use races as a way to see how I'm improving.
For next year, I want to get the Double Trifecta (two beasts, two supers, and two sprints in one calendar year), In the next three years, I want to run an Ultra Beast (two laps of a beast course), and then eventually do the Ultra Beast at Killington.

This is also my 3rd Spartan Race.
I do the Spartan Races to push my mind and body to the limit. I love the "Rolling Deis" group that we have created. The most recent race in Vermont solidified the family we have created and I had an amazing time struggling with my spartan brothers!
The goal for 2017 is a double Trifecta, 6 races in one seasonal year. #AROO!!!

Next time you see them give them a high-five (now that their arms aren't sore any more)!

Spartan Team 2


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