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The Division of Student Affairs provides services and opportunities to students to enhance their personal, social, and emotional growth and development. The Dean of Students Office, the Brandeis Beacons, and various leadership opportunities, introduce students to resources that develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed as a Brandeis University student, both on and off-campus.

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Dean of Students Office
With the slogan, "Students are the Reason," the Dean of Students Office serves the needs and interests of students and has broad responsibility for the services and activities that enhance the quality of student life outside the classroom. The office works directly with the Department of Student Activities, the Department of Community Service, and the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards to assist students through academic, personal, safety, and family concerns. The Dean of Students Office can assist undergraduate students and their families during moments of challenge or crisis to help align support and advocacy for students, connect with additional offices and personnel; and to provide environments for lifelong learning inside and outside of the classroom.
Brandeis Beacons
The Brandeis Beacons are the University's student ambassadors. Their mission is to inspire Brandeis pride and spirit, and—through that pride and spirit—foster a culture of belonging, community, passion for and support of Brandeis among their fellow students and the University’s alumni.
Student Leadership Opportunities
Across Brandeis University, there are many options for students who want to develop and hone their leadership skills. Browse our list of the variety of leadership opportunities that are available to undergraduate students.
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) is one of four graduate schools on campus and is situated within an exciting, multifaceted research university for scholarship, teaching and learning, just outside the educational hub of Boston. GSAS is currently not part of the Division of Student Affairs.