Division of Student Affairs

Leadership Opportunities

student in deis impact shirt speaking at podiumStudents who undertake leadership positions during college learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Brandeis students have a vast range of opportunities to hone their leadership skills. The following list is just a sampling.

Department/Organization Position # Avail.
Academic Services Roosevelt Fellow 15-16
Brandeis National Committee Student Ambassador 4-5
Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study Tutor Varies
Campus Activities Board Executive Board Member 9
Community Living Community Adviser Varies
Community Service Community Engaged Leader Varies
Community Service Community Engagement Ambassador 4
Community Service Rich/Collins Community Leadership and Impact Fellow Varies
Community Service Waltham Group Coordinator
'Deis Impact! 'Deis Impacter 13-14
Hiatt Career Center Hiatt "About Us" 10
Intercultural Center Club Executive Board Member Varies
International Students and Scholars Office Student Ambassador 4
International Students and Scholars Office Student Host Varies
Orientation CORE Committee Member 7-8
Orientation Orientation Leader 100+
Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center Peer Advocate 17
Student Affairs Brandeis Beacon 76
Student Service Bureau Staff Member 6-8
Student Production Services Assistant Coordinator 2
Student Production Services Coordinator 2
Student Support Services Student Leadership Board Member 5-6
Student Union Allocations Board Member 11
Student Union Executive Board Member 13
Student Union Judiciary Board Member 2
Student Union Senate Member 22
Student Union Treasury Member 10
Study Abroad Study Abroad Ambassador 13-14
Undergraduate Admissions Student Interviewer 10
Undergraduate Admissions Tour Guide Varies
Undergraduate Departmental Representative Program Council Member 3
Undergraduate Departmental Representative Program Undergraduate Departmental Representative 138