Community Voices

“When I look back at my Brandeis experience, the numerous moments that I had volunteering will be among the richest and most impactful memories that I had here. I am certain that these experiences have helped tremendously to make me the person I am today, and they have contributed greatly to my future plans and life ambitions.” ~Benji Bernstein '15

“Even in Honduras, I had never felt more Brandeisian.  I spent each day with a clear goal to relay justice while expecting nothing in return.  Paying forward the fortune of healthcare access and education ascertained to me that I don’t believe in charity—rather that I stand with Brandeis to create justice.” ~Lauren Phillips '15

“For many, when they hear the words community service, it is met with groans and complaints. To them, community service is a mandated activity, rarely enjoyable because it is forced. At Brandeis University, though, community service is not met with groans or sighs nor is it a great inconvenience, for it is a way of life. The students at Brandeis partake in community service as naturally as breathing.” ~Tiffany Cao '15

“Most of the students at Brandeis would not even consider themselves volunteers. It's just in their natural disposition to help out. A deep sense of community service and volunteerism has been instilled in all of us from the continual, constant sense of social justice.” ~Tiffany Cao '15

“Community service has and always will be a part of my life. It is something that has taught me some of the values I hold of utmost importance and has affected me in unimaginable ways. More so, I know that my ‘service’ has affected others, some more, some less, but nonetheless I was able to, in some small simple way, touch people’s lives. It is the relationships, the connections that I have established with those I have worked with that will remind me, every day, how much I value community service and what it has done for me.” ~Svetlana Duvidovich '15

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waltham group coordinators

Meet the Waltham Group Coordinators

Welcome to the Waltham Group Coordinators page. As coordinators, we play an important role in overseeing the 21 different Waltham Group programs. Although we each have our own academic interests and come from different backgrounds, we all came to Brandeis with a strong desire to take an active role in the university's community service club.

After a semester or two as Waltham Group volunteers, we each took the next step and applied to the coordinator position. Unlike other club leaders, a Waltham Group coordinator is a permanent position one holds until graduating. Because the Waltham Group is a student-run organization, coordinators have an important job to ensure that the needs of the community — as well as the needs and interest of all Brandeis students — are being met. If you would like to get involved with any of the Waltham Group programs, please contact us.

Waltham Group Co-Presidents

Kaiwen Chenpetranelson
Waltham Group Co-President

Kaiwen Chen is a senior from Montville, New Jersey. He is currently majoring in Biochemistry and Psychology and minoring in East Asian Studies. He has been working with Blood Drive since his freshman year before becoming a coordinator and now volunteers with a variety of Waltham Group programs. He also worked with a committee of three others to create a new Waltham Group program focusing on environment related community service. He enjoys performing for cultural events, so you'll probably find him at one or another! A lover of thrills, he hopes to go skydiving by the end of his senior year. As for his time in Waltham Group, he looks forward to working closely with all of the coordinators as well as helping Waltham Group grow even stronger and rise higher than ever before.

Shaina Dorowshaina dorow
Waltham Group Co-President

Shaina Dorow is a senior studying Sociology and really enjoys discussing all types of social structures including race, class, gender, and more! She is excited and proud to have been elected as the co-president for the the Waltham Group for the 2015-2016 school year. Her participation in Junior Brandeis Achievers, one of the 21 amazing Waltham Group clubs, since her first semester in Spring 2013 (go Midyears!) has been one of the most eye-opening and profound experiences that she has been a part of in college. She hopes that everyone can find their niche at Brandeis and that one of them is part of our vibrant volunteering community, even if not necessarily in the Waltham Group. 

Waltham Group Program Coordinators

Afternoon Enrichment: 
Nathan Benjamin
Julia Wolinsky
Daniel Hakakian

Big Siblings:
Krishna Narayanan

Mitchell Beers
Heather Gitler

Brandeis Buddies: 
Malika Briggs
Jesse Feldstein
Sophie Gordon

Community Connections: 
Sarah Khimjee
Momo Trang

Companions to Elders: 
Megan (Maggie) Ziegel
Thomas Rossetti
Abigail Gardener
Hannah Malin

Event Planning Committee:
Coming soon!

Fundraising & Development:
Coming soon!

General Tutoring:     
Ledia Erkou 
Sooyoung Jeong
Felicia Lee
Aninditaa Agarwal
Lauren Chin

Habitat for Humanity:
Sofia Lavrentyeva
Eddy Zheng
Jacqueline Smith

Hospital Helpers:
Idelle Vaynberg 
Shifra Ben-Jacob 
Noa Iimura

Hunger and Homelessness:
Lily Elderkin
Mira McMahon
Joshua Lepson
Laura Garcia

Junior Brandeis Achievers:
Eliana Bernstein
Sarah Stein

Kids Connection:
Emilie Kahn-Boesel
Djack San Andres
Michaela Gawley
Abby Bergman
Julia Brown

Language and Cultural Enrichment (LaCE):
Noa Cardin
Sara Horton

Language Empowering Action Project (LEAP):
Sojin Chon

Prospect Hill Kids' Club:
Lauren Nadeau
Julia Goldberg 
Lee Wilson
Alek Kopulsky

Public Relations:
Coming soon!

Service Without Borders:
Krupa Patel
Mei Cornue-Hollander
Gabrielle Hersch
Rebecca Cohen
Lauren Puglisi

Jackson Tuck
Sejal Kotecha

Kaila Hood
Marissa Lazaroff


Tutoring in Public Schools (T.I.P.S):
Anna Grandis
Megan Boateng
Herlyne Das
Emily Kessler