Community Voices

"One of the things I've come to appreciate most about the Waltham Group is the spirit of those who participate in and coordinate the programs. Everyone is committed to his or her own goals, but is also fully invested with the larger purpose and eager to help make every program a success, not merely their own. It is truly an amazing group of people, and I am proud to be among them." ~Jessica Steinberg '10

"Participating in Community Service activities and Volunteer Vacations has forced me to realize that the day to day conflicts and inconveniences that I experience are so insignificant and so selfish; its not only been a way to be a responsible citizen, but also a way for me to emerge." ~Gina Ahn '09

"I came to Brandeis without a career path in mind, but I'll be leaving knowing exactly what I want to do. And it's all because of LaCE! It's really changed my life." ~Anne Blackstock-Bernstein '09

"Volunteering can be difficult.  That's the nature of it sometimes.  Despite those inevitable challenges, there is always something the individual both gives and gains that's bigger than themselves.  The exchange for me seems so fluid and natural.  The exchange is what makes it worth it" ~Anastazyia Vareschi '09

"I still remember Waltham Group Recruitment Night my freshman year.  I felt like a kid in a candy store.  I wanted every flavor!  I left with a stack of applications, flyers, and a sugar rush.  I couldn't wait to begin." ~Allie Joseph '12

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waltham group coordinators

Meet the Waltham Group Coordinators

Welcome to the Waltham Group Coordinators page. As coordinators, we play an important role in overseeing the 21 different Waltham Group programs. Although we each have our own academic interests and come from different backgrounds, we all came to Brandeis with a strong desire to take an active role in the university's community service club.

After a semester or two as Waltham Group volunteers, we each took the next step and applied to the coordinator position. Unlike other club leaders, a Waltham Group coordinator is a permanent position one holds until graduating. Because the Waltham Group is a student-run organization, coordinators have an important job to ensure that the needs of the community — as well as the needs and interest of all Brandeis students — are being met. If you would like to get involved with any of the Waltham Group programs, please contact us.

Afternoon Enrichment: 
David Kapaon 
Nathan Benjamin
Julia Wolinsky

Big Siblings:
Sophie Brickman 
Krishna Narayanan

Tyler Diamond
Kaiwen Chen
Mitchell Beers
Heather Gitler

Brandeis Buddies: 
Elena Stoeri-D'Arrigo 
Emily Horowitz

Kaiwen Chen
Shaina Dorow

Community Connections: 
Tove Freeman 
Sam Krystal
Djack San Andreas

Companions to Elders: 
Melanie Gomes
Megan (Maggie) Ziegel
Thomas Rossetti

Event Planning Committee:
Dan Kats
Allie Goodman
David Kapaon

Fundraising & Development:
Eric Gordon
Jane Berry

General Tutoring:     
Tifara Ramelson
Ledia Erkou 
Andrew Kouides
Sooyoung Jeong
Felicia Lee

Habitat for Humanity:
Ian Christie
Sofia Lavrentyeva
Eddy Zheng

Hospital Helpers:
Idelle Vaynberg 
Tony Tran
Shifra Ben-Jacob 

Hunger and Homelessness:
Rose Wallace 
Max Parish
Lily Elderkin

Junior Brandeis Achievers:
Shaina Dorow
Subhasinee (Subhi) Sapkota
Hannah Mogavero
Eliana Bernstein

Kids Connection:
Eden Shoshan
Emilie Kahn-Boesel
Djack San Andres

Language and Cultural Enrichment (LaCE):
Noa Cardin
Sam Marlowe
Sara Horton

Language Empowering Action Project (LEAP):
Sojin Chon
Maria Pachon 

Prospect Hill Kids' Club:
Lauren Nadeau
Olivia Devillers
Alana Birnhak
Julia Goldberg 

Public Relations:
Gabby Zilkha
Emily Conrad

Dan Kats
Jackson Tuck
Lekha Grandhi

Elizabeth Villano
Kaila Hood

Heather Gitler

Tutoring in Public Schools (T.I.P.S):
Allie Goodman
Anna Grandis
Megan Boateng
Herlyne Das

Volunteer Vacations: 
Krupa Patel
Tali Fleitman
Mei Cornue-Hollander