Unsure if Your Hours Should Count?

If you have hours that you think should be recorded and are questionable according to your understanding of the requirements to the left please schedule a meeting with a member of the Department of Community Service staff to review prior to inputting them into the tracking hours system. 

Definition of Approved Service for Hour Tracking


Students may record

  • Direct community service activities (i.e. tutoring, building homes, visiting elderly)
  • Indirect service activities (i.e. fundraisers, community organizing, Relay for Life)
  • Community Organizing (i.e. voter registration drives, community gardens)
  • Community-Engaged Learning Course (direct service and reflection hours only)
  • Projects sponsored by student clubs/organizations that provide a service to the local community
  • Service-related spring break trips
  • Self-initiated volunteer work independent of Brandeis (Community Service Fair opportunities) but conducted while a current student
  • Meeting hours (only if the meeting was spent planning a community service activity)
  • Participation and hours from some, but not all, service scholarship programs (i.e. AmeriCorps Student Leaders in Service) may be transferable
  • International Brandeis-related community service initiatives, including those while participating in a University approved study abroad program
  • Mandated community service hours
  • Transportation and Reflection (up to 15 hours per semester)

Students may not record

  • Non-Profit Internship hours (please see FAQ for exceptions)
  • Activities for which a student is paid wages or a stipend
  • Observation or practicum hours that are part of a degree requirements and do not include direct community service
  • Meeting or class hours, unless the time was spent planning or completing a community service activity
  • Service completed during a semester in which the student was not enrolled at the University or in a University-sponsored program. (i.e. high school activities, etc.). (please see FAQ for exceptions)
  • Student club/organization activities, unless the activities provide a direct service to the local community.
  • Persuasive political or religious activities.
  • Service that directly impacts the University (i.e. Orientation Leader, Senior Week or Fall Fest Volunteer, etc.)

Download a PDF of our Definitions of Approved Service for easy reference!

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