Alumni Stories

In terms of my personal journey after graduating in 2013, the CTS program definitely helped with my job applications and helped my resume stand out as companies are seeing increased value in corporate social responsibility and looking to hire people who embody this commitment.

Ashley Lau

Class of 2013

Professional Development

Dozens of former CTS Program participants have shared with the Department of Community Service how valuable logging their service hours with the CTS Program was for their professional development. Below are some examples of language that you might use to highlight your service hours on your resume or in a cover letter.

Cover Letter:

  • I am a BA in Sociology Candidate with four years of experience spearheading new community service initiatives including ___. I have logged over XX hours with the Brandeis Commitment to Service Program.
  • I am a Brandeis Commitment to Service Program Gold Medal Winner. I have dedicated over XX hours to community service and secured XX in fundraising to support service projects.


Waltham Group Companions to Elders, Program Coordinator, 2013-2015

  • Committed over XX hours of community service to planning service activities at local assisted living facilities. Supervised a total of XX student volunteers.
  • Proven experience working with different stakeholders including campus and community partners.
  • Performed intake with over XX volunteer applications to assess applicant strengths and eligibility.
  • Collaborated with XX stakeholders to plan community fundraiser, resulted in $XXX raised for the program
  • Managed program budget and made recommendations for how to cut costs and streamline spending
  • Developed new marketing and communications plan resulting in an XX% increase in volunteer applications

Framing Service Hours that Were Not Logged with the CTS Program:

There are many strategies that students can use to feature service hours on their resumes and in their cover letters that were not able to be counted toward the CTS program. It is important that students differentiate between hours that were logged with the CTS program and hours that were not able to be counted toward the program. Example language that can be used to differentiate includes:

  • I completed over XX hours of community service throughout my Brandeis career including XX hours logged with the Commitment to Service Program.
  • I committed a total of XX volunteer hours to the surrounding community throughout my time at Brandeis including XX hours with the Commitment to Service Program.
*We strongly encourage all CTS Program participants to meet with the Hiatt Career Center to receive further guidance on their resumes and cover letters.