Gold Medal Winner!


Name: Jenna Kahane '15
Home Sate: New York
Primary Service Sites:

  • Waltham Group Afternoon Enrichment
  • Waltham Group Tutoring in Public Schools
  • French Cultural Center of Boston
  • English Language Learning Initiative

"My time at Brandeis would not have been the same without my volunteer experiences. Volunteering has allowed me to be engaged in the community, to interact with many different people, and to think about the world in new ways. My community service efforts have been primarily concentrated in education, and my experiences have led me to pursue a career working in the field of education. I am confident that my community service experiences at Brandeis have helped define my career path. This program is a great way to realize how much service you actually do. The hours often add up without you even realizing it. Counting the hours helps you see that making time for service among all your other obligations is worth it, and can actually have a significant impact. Additionally, it is great to have a tangible number of hours to tell potential employers or to put on a resume."

Bronze Medal Winner!


Name: Chaitanya Sambangi '15
Hometown: Andover, MA
Primary Service Site:

  • Massachusetts General Hospital

"I firmly believe that we must give more than we take from life. Helping out in the community builds character and I think everyone should volunteer in some way. I have developed patience and humility while also learning about the pediatric healthcare setting. I learned more about myself and my career choice throughout this experience as a volunteer."

Silver Medal Winner!


Name: Shaina Dorow '16
Home State: New Jersey
Primary Service Sites:

  • Co-President, Waltham Group 2015-2016
  • Junior Brandeis Achievers

"The Commitment to Service Program has allowed for me to add actual numerical value to the work that I do with the community. Although hours aren't everything, this has helped me to understand the amount of time and energy it takes to make the world a better place in which to work and live."

Commitment to Service Award

Program Mission

Encourage students to engage in community service further impacting their Brandeis experience while addressing community needs. Service will be used as a means to explore careers, apply course work, fulfill personal values, and develop meaningful relationships. The program will encourage students to track their volunteer hours, adding many benefits to the community and university, while offering an opportunity to celebrate our student’s commitment to social justice and service deepening the roots of their journeys beyond Brandeis. Students who reach different tiers of hours logged will receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.

We encourage all Brandeis students to register for the program and to regularly track their hours even if they don't think they'll reach one of the awarded hour levels, as there are many benefits to students, as listed below.

All service hours submitted for this program must fall within the umbrella of the Brandeis University Mission and Diversity Statements. In particular hours must support the values of inclusivity, civility, diversity, respect, and safety.

group medal

Why should I participate?

  • Deepen my impact with a holistic service approach.
  • Receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.
  • Denote this prestigious honor on my resume.
  • Explore and develop leadership through intentional reflection and relationship building.
  • Have my service hours formally documented for graduate school, jobs and internship applications.
  • Help Brandeis achieve national honors and awards.
  • Tracking hours aids in the receipt of grants and funding for future service opportunities.
  • Make a local and global impact.
  • Take pride in and celebrate my community organizing and impact.
  • Benefit from special programs for all program participants.
  • Formally commit to the social justice mission of Brandeis University.
  • Have your name posted as recipient on the Department of Community Service website.
  • Help support Brandeis University’s Mission and Diversity statements. In particular, Brandeis’ commitment to social justice.

How to Get Started
Complete online registration on Sage.
Community Service Pledge (Students are able to check a box that they agree to this pledge when they log their hours in the tracking hours system.)
Complete a Community Service Waiver and CORI Form (if required)
Complete and document Community Service Hours regularly on Sage


medalphoto Bronze- 300 hours of service
Silver- 600 hours of service
Gold- 900 hours of service 

Students who do reach one of the awarded hour levels also need to submit a reflection essay at the end of their senior year.

Note: ONLY hours inputted into the Brandeis University Community Service Tracking Hours System will count toward award hours.

Students will be awarded their medals at the Celebration of Service event and are encouraged to wear their service medals during commencement ceremonies as well as indicate this distinctive honor on their resumes.

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