Thoughts on your Community Service Experiences?!

We want to hear all about your community service work! Send your name, class year and a brief quote about your volunteer experience(s) and you might just find your quote on the department's website or in other publication materials for Brandeis!

Community Service Pledge


I pledge to strive to be a positive change agent in my community and have altruistic goals to embrace the mission and pillars of Brandeis University. As a Brandeis volunteer I acknowledge that while engaging in community service initiatives and projects that I am an agent of the institution and will positively represent the University to the best of my ability. I pledge not to participate in activities that may make others feel unsafe, disrespected, intimidated, or as though their democratic rights are being infringed upon. I agree to fill out a volunteer waiver which is required to engage in all University affiliated co-curricular community service. I understand that reflection is a key component of my community engagement and personal development and will capitalize on both structured and personal opportunities to participate. I am aware that the Department of Community Service staff is available to support my civic engagement endeavors and will utilize their resources shall a necessary occasion arise. I understand that I am to be truthful and honest in my submission of all service hours into the community service hours tracking system. I agree to all sections of Rights and Responsibilities including:

Section 1.1. furnish correct, truthful, and complete information to University officials, committees, or boards and preserve the integrity, legitimacy, and accuracy of all records, documents, writings, and identifications used or maintained by the University so as to avoid injury, fraud, or misrepresentation.