Bronze Medal Winner!


Name: Zoe Oppenheimer '14
Hometown: Great Neck, NY
Primary Service Sites:

  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
  • Dganya Elementary School in Be'er Sheva, Israel
  • Waltham Group Junior Brandeis Achievers

"Following graduation, I will be an elementary school teacher. The experience of being a Girl Scout troop leader has enabled me to grow in so many ways. I am a better teacher and leader because of the girls in my troop and my co-leaders that I collaborate with. I will continue on this path to mentor children and help prepare them to be community-minded, tolerant and driven members of society in the years to come."

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Gold Medal Winner!


Name: Roni Rosen '14
Hometown: Tenafly, NJ
Primary Service Sites:

  • Brandeis Global Medical Brigade

"Brigades shaped me as a person, student, and volunteer. Considering the rigorous coursework allotted by the science departments at Brandeis, it is all too often that we immerse ourselves so deep into our studies that we lose track of the larger purpose at hand. Many times before brigades I asked myself, why am I doing this? Why put myself through such a heavy and rigorous course-load? Do I really want to be a doctor if this is what it entails? However, after participating in two brigades, I gained a sense of empowerment, remembered why I wanted to be a doctor, and regained my passion for science; all of which influenced my academic career for the better. My classes seemed easier, and in fact, I began and continued to receive better grades. Not to mention, I developed excellent interpersonal skills, bedside manner, and experience with cultural sensitivity."

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Bronze Medal Winner!


Name: Ilana Mittleman '14
Hometown: New Rochelle, NY
Primary Service Sites:

  • Waltham Group General Tutoring
  • Waltham Group Companions to Elders
  • Springwell
  • EPOCH of Weston

"During my time at Brandeis I was involved in several community service projects. Through Waltham Group I participated in Junior Brandeis Achievers, Companions 2 Elders, ELL and General Tutoring. I like taking a break from my own life and taking the time to help others and becoming absorbed in their lives. In particular, when I was most busy or overwhelmed with school work, giving back was humbling. I realized that there are others who could greatly benefit from my service to them. For instance, through Companions 2 Elders I visited a woman at a nursing home once a week. Her face always lit up when she saw me. We both looked forward to spending time together. I liked knowing that I had helped out in some way and brightened someone’s day. My volunteer work with older adults helped me decide that this is a population that I want to work with in the future."

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