Benefits to Tracking Your Hours

  • Allows us to provide detailed information for reference checks for you (Medical school applications now ask for proof of campus involvement).
  • Allows you to provide detailed information for resumes and graduate school applications.
  • It's a requirement of the Commitment to Service Award program.
  • Brandeis is able to quantify the number of hours students commit to serving the community.
  • Helps Brandeis better articulate the service involvement on campus when applying for future grants and national recognition. In turn, we can provide additional funding and resources for your community service initiatives.
  • Stay motivated to continue serving throughout the year and acknowledge the work you've put into causes you care about!

Tracking Hours



Click here to track your hours in Sage!

You can now track your volunteer hours through Sage, making it even easier to keep up to date with your entries! Before you begin tracking your hours you must register for the program, then begin tracking and watch those hours add up!

Tracking Hours Instructions:

1. Log In- Log into your Sage account.

2. Navigate to Commitment to Service- At the bottom left of the page, you'll see a heading called 'Commitment to Service' and right beneath that they'll be a link that says 'Enter Service Hours'. Click it!

3. Add a Project- You'll first need to add your service projects before you can enter hours for them. You only need to add each project once and then your project should show up on your screen automatically for the future. To add a Brandeis group project, use the + sign in the grid and select a project from the list provided. To add a personal project, use the 'Add a Personal Project' link.

4. Add your Hours- Hours are entered on a monthly basis. Enter a month and year and then press 'Add a New Month' to get started. Prior months are listed in the grid. Select the 'Update Service Hours' link for the month you want to update or review. If you forget what types of service can count in each category (direct service, reflection, etc.) just click the links at the top to get a definition for each category.

For a more detailed explanation of adding projects and hours, click here!

Cutoff Dates: You can only enter hours for the current semester, so it's important that you stay up-to-date with your hour entries. The date ranges within which you can enter hours for each semester are listed below:

Fall 2018: August 29-December 31
Spring 2019: January 1-May 19
Summer 2019: May 20-August 27