Ambassador Cohort

The Community Engagement Ambassador Program (CEAP) includes a number of developmental components, designed to benefit the Ambassadors engaged in the program. As an Ambassador, you will gain important career skills and deepen your understanding of engaging in outreach with your peers, campus partners, and community partners. 

At the beginning of the academic year, Ambassadors will engage in a training program, both virtually and in-person. This program will provide an opportunity for their CEAP cohort to get to know one another and become prepared to serve as an Ambassador. 

Regular meetings will be led by Department of Community Service professional staff and will feature Brandeis faculty, staff, and community partners as guest speakers. Ambassadors will meet on a regular basis to learn about many related topics, including: 

  • Assessing their own leadership and determining and implementing best steps in their leadership growth
  • Translating community engagement and CEAP experience to their own career development goals
  • Developing outreach strategies to market community engagement programs to their peers
  • Resolving conflict and utilizing strong communication skills in a variety of community engagement settings
  • Building sustainable, reciprocal partnerships with local community and campus partners
  • Understanding social constructs
  • Maximizing training programs and retaining volunteers
  • Evaluating and assessing community engagement programs

All four Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be a part of a cohort with each other and with alumni of CEAP. We anticipate that the Ambassadors will work in a team-oriented cohort structure, engaging in most projects with one another. Alumni of the program will be able to connect with former Ambassadors through LinkedIn and alumni engagement opportunities.