Student Leadership Cohort

Sarah Ernst Speaking at Rich/Collins Event

This fellowship is designed to mutually benefit the student grantee/fellow and the community. You will gain important career skills and deepen you understanding of the skills and knowledge leaders in the nonprofit sector need, while the community will enjoy the benefits of better prepared emerging leaders who may then be more successful and perhaps become more committed to community service. In addition to 1-on-1 staff support, we will offer all students in R/C CLIF a bi-weekly training program led by Brandeis faculty, staff, and community partners on a variety of topics. Some examples include:

  1. Understanding social constructs
  2. Event planning and management
  3. Community partnerships and outreach
  4. Community Asset Mapping
  5. Service evaluation and assessment
  6. Preparation (and event) for a poster/multi-media presentation
  7. Creation and management of a project budget
  8. Career development, including how to market and brand your Rich/Collins CLIF experience on your resume and in interviews
  9. How to successfully write a community impact grant proposal and final report

All students engaged in R/C CLIF with have the opportunity to be part of a cohort and support network of fellows who are engaging in similar work to seek input, brainstorm ideas, and learn best practices together.  This network will expand as the program ages to include alumni and past community partner sites. We are committed to giving fellows the resources they need to be impact a measurable impactful and sustainable project.