Community Voices

"Service helps educate us about our environment and change the the making of who we are.” ~Phi Le '12

"Volunteering has taught me how to be an independent thinker. It has taught me how to take initiative and how to fight for what I believe in. As a volunteer in this community I have learned the value of patience, understanding and respect for others. Furthermore, my role as a Waltham Group coordinator has taught me time and time again the importance of professionalism, organization, reflection and communication." ~Alexandra Shapiro '13

"Social justice is the cornerstone of the human community. Genuine and positive outstretched efforts into unfamiliar environments and situations breed care and love. At Brandeis, the aforementioned seasons the breath of our Department of Community Service." ~Jamele Adams, Associate Dean for Student Life


Be a Volunteer


Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer? If so, you have found the right place. The Department of Community Service, in collaboration with the Waltham Group, offers opportunities for everyone to get involved. If you have never volunteered or are looking to reconnect, it is never too late to join our community of dedicated, passionate and supportive volunteers. Through the Waltham Group, there are opportunities to serve at one-time events or you can share your talents and time on a more regular basis through any of the 21 Waltham Group programs. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of our department or the Waltham Group for more information. Embrace the opportunity to reflect, learn and share yourself with others.