Providing Documentation

An important step in the accommodations process is providing documentation of your condition. Documentation helps establish the need for accommodations and provides information about the functional impact of your disability. To receive accommodations at Brandeis, it is necessary to submit documentation from a licensed professional that includes your diagnosis, how the diagnosis was made, the functional impact of your diagnosis, and possible accommodations. Once you submit your documentation, SAS will review this information to help determine both eligibility and accommodations.  For the documentation that you submit to SAS, we may consult with a licensed psychologist that we deemed appropriate.

Of course, if you have any questions about documentation or the documentation process, we are always here to help, so feel free to reach out at any time to

Documentation Criteria 

Specific criteria differ slightly depending on your specific condition(s). Generally, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. The evaluation must be current (this differs based on the condition).
  2. The evaluation must include specific methods or assessments related to how you were diagnosed. 
  3. The evaluation must be conducted by a qualified professional (who is not a family member or relative).
  4. The report must substantiate the disability, and substantiate the need for accommodations.

For more detailed guidelines, please visit the Educational Testing Services website. This site has comprehensive guidelines that can help you determine what type of documentation you will need to submit. 

Submitting Documentation

We currently accept documentation via a secure link where you will be able to upload scanned copies of your documentation from your device. To access the link to submit documentation, please email us at We will send you the secure link. 

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANY DOCUMENTATION VIA EMAIL. Documentation received via email will not be reviewed, and to ensure security, any email that includes documentation will also be deleted. Again, please only submit documentation via the secure link.

If you cannot submit documentation through the secure link, then it is possible to fax your documentation to our office. Please note that during this time, we have limited access to our offices so there will be delays (potentially 2-4 weeks) in processing any faxed documentation. 

Documentation: Frequently Asked Questions