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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP), exactly?

The MKTYP is one of several ways by which students may be admitted to the Brandeis undergraduate program. Program participants have shown determination and focus under such circumstances as having to work long hours while attending school, providing leadership in their households or surviving conflict in their native countries. Many students are from under-resourced high schools, and have not had access to academically rigorous courses like English or Sociology Seminars, Physics and/or Calculus.

In their first year at Brandeis, students in the MKTYP take non-credit bearing courses of writing, statistics, social science, science, and computer science designed at the college level. Students will also take a few Brandeis undergraduate classes of their choosing. These courses are intended to expose students to a type of rigorous academic experience they have not previously had.

How many students does MKTYP admit each academic year?


Can students transfer to MKTYP from other institutions if they have not performed well academically?

No. Brandeis admits students with no previous college experience through the MKTYP for fall semester start only.

Might the MKTYP be appropriate for students with learning disabilities?

All students are welcome to apply to Brandeis through the MKTYP. Brandeis University’s Office of Academic Services coordinates academic accommodations for all undergraduate students, however, the Myra Kraft Program does not have additional services to offer specifically for students in the program.

Will it take me longer to graduate college if I go through MKTYP?

It depends on the student. Because students take at least two undergraduate courses during their first year at Brandeis in the MKTYP, a student could graduate in four years by taking heavier courseloads and/or summer courses to fit in the other six courses to meet university requirements. Most students who enter the university through the MKTYP graduate in four and a half or five years.

What classes does MKTYP offer?

MKTYP offers exclusive courses yearlong in writing, quantitative reasoning, and social science. Fall semester we offer computer science and in the Spring we offer a life science. For course descriptions, click here. In addition to these courses, students also take one undergraduate course per semester. The undergraduate courses are chosen in consultation with the director of the MKTYP according to students’ academic strengths and areas of interest.

Are MKTYP classes mandatory for program participants?

Yes. Each student who matriculates in the Myra Kraft Program must take all of the courses listed above.

Are MKTYP courses remedial?

The courses in the Myra Kraft Program are designed to introduce students to a competitive liberal arts curriculum. With the exception of undergraduate courses, classes taken during the MKTYP year are not credit-bearing. However, because these classes are exclusive, students are guaranteed the benefit of individual attention in a small classroom environment, which they may not have had in their previous schooling experiences.

Is a typical day in the Myra Kraft Program similar to a typical day in high school?

No. Unlike high school, college courses are offered on a block schedule, which means that rather than having a school day that runs from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., for example, you would have five classes that each meet for three hours per week. Courses often meet for three one-hour meetings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, or for two one-and-a-half-hour meetings on Tuesday and Friday. With the expectation that students will study for two to three hours outside of class for every hour in class in order to be successful, the commitment to the program is full time.

Can I play a sport while in the Myra Kraft Program?

Students in the program are eligible to play intramural sports. However, students may not join varsity athletic teams, as the year is intended to focus on academics.

Can I join clubs while in MKTYP?

Yes, absolutely! However, students in the program may not hold leadership positions in clubs/organizations as the year is intended to focus on academics.

What does the Myra Kraft Program cost?

The cost of attending Brandeis, along with likely sources of financial aid from Brandeis can be found here.  Students applying to Brandeis via the Myra Kraft Program are required to fill out the FAFSA and CSS Profile.  Students will typically receive a financial aid package that includes a need-based scholarship, loans, grants, and/or a work-study award.  The University is committed to meeting 100% of the need demonstrated by the aid application materials. 

Why should a student go to MKTYP rather than to a community college?

Students who are interested in attending Brandeis, can do so directly through the MKTYP, but would have to transfer from community college after two years.  

What kind of performance are you looking for in high school?

We are looking for indications of a strong commitment to the pursuit of postsecondary education. Characteristics of academic strength and motivation, such as an upward trend in high-school grades or excellent performance in under-resourced high schools (e.g. schools at-risk or few AP classes), are also given careful consideration. Students who are willing to work hard often perform well in the MKTYP.

What type of support do you offer students in MKTYP?

Students in the Myra Kraft Program receive close academic advising from the director of the program in regular individual meetings.  Each MKTYP course also provides a graduate student tutor to assist students, and students can also take advantage of additional campus resources, such as tutoring and the Writing Center.  Also as part of the Academic Services department at Brandeis, students are encouraged to take part in Study Abroad, Academic Fellowships, Pre-Health, etc., please visit the Academic Services website for more info. 

What will be expected of the students while they are on campus?

Students admitted to Brandeis through the MKTYP are expected to uphold the core values of the Brandeis community through compliance with university policies, perform well academically and make productive use of their time at Brandeis.

How are MKTYP students included in the Brandeis community?

There is no distinction made between students in the MKTYP and other first-year undergraduates at Brandeis.

How does a student apply?

Directions for how to apply to Brandeis through the program can be found here.

Am I eligible for MKTYP?

For eligibility requirements, please click here.

How can I get more information?

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.