Helpful Links

During your time in MKTYP, you may want to use the many campus support resources, both within and outside of the Office of Academic Services. 

Academic Support

There are many ways that you can ensure your success in the program.   First, is by being in close and constant communication with your course instructors and advisor about what is working well in your approach to classes, and challenges you may be facing.  Office hours and weekly advising meetings are excellent times to discuss, and get guidance about those things both inside and outside of  the classroom that affect your academic work.

In addition to the support offered by your course instructors and your advisor, there are also several additional resources offered both by the MKTYP and other areas of the university that will assist in your academic journey.  Each MKTYP course has a graduate student tutor that can help you with your analyses of course content, to brainstorm ideas for assignments, and to polish your products for submission.  You should also consult with MKTYP staff about resources available for assistance through Brandeis' English as a Second Language (ESL) department, the Writing Center, and the Brandeis University Group Study (BUGS) peer tutoring service.

Beyond seeking guidance and support with your courswork, another key to success is monitoring your progress in your courses.  LATTE is a useful tool for doing this.   Instructors post both assignments and grades here.

Finally, the development of sound study skills will help you to be successful in the MKTYP and beyond.  Links at the right will help you to find a resource site for study skills, as well as the schedule for workshops focused on developing skills for academic success (WEB).