The Program Experience

 TYP students


The Myra Kraft TYP's primary focus and purpose is to prepare students for academic success in their college careers.  The program admits mostly students who have not had access to AP and Honors courses, who have experienced interruptions in their secondary education, or have followed some other non-traditional path to their pursuit of higher education.  To these students, the Myra Kraft TYP offers a rigorous academic program, academic support, and personal support through the process of transitioning to this new experience.

The academic program for Myra Kraft TYP consists of the following:

  • 2 TYP writing courses
  • 2 TYP quantitative reasoning courses
  • 2 TYP social science courses
  • 1 TYP science course
  • 1 TYP computer science course
  • 2 Brandeis undergraduate elective courses (1 per semester)

Once students arrive at Brandeis, they enroll in a year-long academic program consisting of TYP exclusive courses as well as one Brandeis undergraduate course each semester. The selection of the undergraduate course, as well as other considerations pertinent to students' academic and social experiences at Brandeis, are discussed with a TYP advisor in one-on-one weekly advising meetings.

Campus Life

Upon entry to the Myra Kraft TYP, members of the program become part of Brandeis' campus community.  They are held to the same standard of expectations as other members of the campus community, as outlined in the university's Rights and Responsibilities handbook.  These students are also entitled to fully participate in campus life, joining Brandeis' student clubs and organizations according to their preferences and interests.