Want a full list of academic policies?

The full academic policies of Brandeis are found in the University Bulletin.  Students are responsible for the degree requirements outlined by the Bulletin published in the student's year of entry. Electronic copies of previous years' bulletins can be found on the website of the Office of the University Registrar.  

Policies and Procedures

The academic policies of Brandeis University are designed to uphold the institutional value of academic rigor and excellence for undergraduates.  Academic policies are typically developed by university committees that include faculty, senior staff, and students. 

These policies are then reviewed and approved by faculty committees such as the Committee in Support of Teaching, the Committee on Academic Standing, or the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  Changes to the core requirements of the Brandeis curriculum or changes to the definitions of academic standing must be presented to the Faculty meeting, and these changes must be approved by two consecutive votes.

In certain circumstances, a student may appeal a policy of Brandeis University.  When a student does appeal a University policy, the appeal is heard by a representative committee of senior staff and faculty.  When an appeal is heard, the individual circumstances of the student's request are weighed against the purpose of the policy in promoting and upholding the value of academic excellence that is central to a Brandeis education.