Deadline for declaring additional majors and minors

The deadline for declaring additional majors and minors is always the final day of add/drop period of your final semester.  The beginning of every semester is always very busy and professors are sometimes hard to find.  Don't take the chance of not having a major or minor on your transcript because you didn't declare on time.  If you plan to graduate in May, make it a point to meet with your UAH before you leave for winter break.  For December graduates, meet before you leave for the summer. 

Declaring a Major

Many people believe that a there is a direct relationship between one's major and one's career.  While this is the case for some fields, it is not the case for most fields. The strength of a liberal arts education is that it prepares you for many career paths, not a single career.  For example, a Brandeis history major may pursue a career in business; a chemistry major may pursue a career in law; a Russian Literature major may pursue a career in a non-profit management.

This lack of a linear relationship between what one studies and what job one pursues can be both exciting and challenging.  On one hand, many students are excited to know that if they love English Literature, it does not mean that they will end up a teacher, publisher, or editor.  On the other hand, many students find the many choices that they do have overwhelming at times.  You can talk about how majors link to careers with staff members in either the Office of Academic Services or the Hiatt Career Center.

When deciding on a major, keep in mind the following:

  • A major does not have to be declared until the 4th semester--this gives time for academic exploration of a range of interests and fields.
  • Only one major is required to graduate (and no minors are required).  Students may complete a second or even a third major in addition to their primary major.  All majors must be completed within the normal time allotted for the completion of the Bachelors degree.  (Eight semesters for students entering as freshmen.)
  • You may drop additional declared majors or minors without affecting your graduation status.
  • The deadline to declare additional majors and/or minors is the last day of the Add/Drop period of your final semester at Brandeis. Declared majors appear on the student's transcript, and completed majors appear on the transcript and diploma.
  • There is no set deadline for dropping majors and/or minors however, we request that you do it as soon as you make the decision.  A major or minor will not be automatically dropped for you - you must turn in the completed paperwork to the Registrar's Office.
Follow this link to access the major/minor declaration form, which includes step-by-step instructions for how to declare a major or minor.

Other resources that may be helpful: