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Senior Year FAQs


My expected graduation date in SAGE is not correct.  How do I get it changed?

Contact the Registrar's Office at registrar@brandeis.edu.

If I plan to graduate at the end of the summer (or at the end of the fall semester) which Commencement ceremonies do I take part in?

Brandeis only has one Commencement each year, in May.  Students who complete the graduation requirements at the end of the summer or fall terms may choose to participate in either the Commencement ceremonies preceding their completion or following it (but not both).  If you choose to participate in the Commencement afterwards, you may choose to receive your diploma at the Commencement ceremonies or have it mailed directly to you when it is available.  Students "walking" in Commencement before they have completed graduation requirements will receive their diplomas 8-10 weeks after completing their degree.  

I am registered for a two semester senior thesis but don't want to continue into the second semester.  Can I drop it?  What happens to the grade for the first semester?

You should speak with your thesis advisor and discuss your situation.  If you both agree that it is appropriate to not complete your thesis, the second semester can be dropped.   Although the thesis will still be listed as a "99"  on your transcript, you will not be eligible for departmental honors.  The basis for grading the work done during the first semester will vary depending on the field and nature of the thesis and this will be decided by your thesis advisor in consultation with others in the department.  In some cases a grade will be issued based on the work  you have already completed, and in other cases the instructor will require that you write a paper summarizing your research.  If your thesis was registered as a 99a and 99b you can drop the 99b as you would any other class (paying close attention to drop deadlines).  If it was registered as a 99d then you should fill out an add/drop form and bring it to the Registrar's Office.

What happens if I drop (or fail) a class in my final semester that is needed for graduation?

Students who have attended Brandeis for 8 semesters and are one or two classes short of graduating can go on "Extended Credit."  This status allows you to participate in Commencement ceremonies and complete your final classes afterwards.  Most students on Extended Credit choose to complete their final classes that summer, although you have up to two years.  Under some circumstances the final classes can be taken at schools other than Brandeis.  Contact the Office of the University Registrar for more details.

Is it too late to declare AP or IB credit?

There is no deadline for declaring AP or IB credits.  Fill out a "AP/IB Declaration Form"  found at the Registrar's Office and confirm that they have an official copy of your scores.  If they don't, have your AP scores sent directly from the College Board.

Why does my foreign language requirement say "Not Started" even though I have completed (or am enrolled in) the 10 or 20 course level?

The way that Sage has been programmed, the FL requirement is listed as "not started" until you register for the 30 level (or higher) course.  At that time Sage will say "Projected to Complete" and once a passing grade has been submitted it will change to "Complete."  "In process" is never used in Sage in reference to the FL requirement.

What is the deadline for declaring additional majors and minors?

The deadline is always the last day of add/drop in the final semester that the student is at Brandeis.  For students planning to graduate in May the deadline would be the last day of add/drop in January, and for those planning to graduate in December it would be the last day of add/drop in September.  The beginning of every semester is very busy for everyone and it may be difficult to get an appointment with the UAH to get the Major/Minor Declaration Form signed if you wait until right before the deadline. Plan ahead!