What If I Still Have Questions?

Call or come by our office (Usdan 130/x63470) and we would happy to answer anyother questions you may have.   In addition to appointments, the Academic Services Office has drop-in hours every afternoon from 1:00 - 5:00.

Residency Requirements for Transfer Students

What does  the "Academic Residency requirement" refer to?
The term “academic residency” refers to full time study on the Brandeis campus.  All Brandeis students must complete 32 courses (128 credits) in order to earn a degree.  Transfer students must complete at least 16 of these courses (64 credits) in a minimum of 4 fall or spring semesters of residency (not summer school).  Study Abroad semesters cannot count toward this 64-credit/4-semester residency requirement.

 If I only have to take 16 courses in academic residency, where can the additional course credits come from?
The additional course credits necessary for graduation can be earned a variety of ways.  They can be:

  • Classes transferred in from other schools, taken before matriculation at Brandeis
  • Additional classes taken at Brandeis during fall or spring semesters
  • Brandeis summer school classes
  • Approved Study Abroad programs
  • AP or IB credit  

 I had fewer than 16 courses accepted for transfer.  Can I take additional classes at another school later and transfer them in?
No.   Credit for any courses which are taken at other schools after the date you matriculated at Brandeis cannot be counted toward the 128 credits required for graduation.  Please note that approved courses from other colleges, taken after entering Brandeis, can be used for the purpose of fulfilling general university or major requirements.

 I forgot to submit the transcript for a class I took at another school.  Is it too late?
As long as the course was taken before you began classes at Brandeis, you may submit an official transcript for transfer credit evaluation at any time.  Either have the school send an official transcript directly to Irene Widugiris in the Registrar’s office or you may bring in an official transcript yourself, as long as it is in its original, sealed envelope.  Official transcripts which have been opened can not be accepted.

 Do I have to live on campus in order for a semester to count toward the academic residency requirement?
No, you may live in either on-campus housing or off campus, as long as you are taking classes on the Brandeis campus.

I want to study abroad.  How does this affect my residency requirements?
As long as you complete 4 fall or spring semesters of study on the Brandeis campus you may participate in an approved Study Abroad program.