Faculty Mentoring and Professional Development

All faculty, no matter their discipline or career stage, deserve to have access to quality mentoring.

The School of Arts and Sciences has made a special commitment to this precept by initiating a comprehensive plan to provide arts and sciences faculty with a range of mentoring resources. While our initial focus is on serving pretenure faculty in the social sciences, humanities and creative arts, in the coming years our efforts will expand to the sciences and to offering mentoring resources to senior faculty across the school.

The centerpiece of this plan is the faculty mentoring program. Building on the success of our 2017-18 pilot mentoring program, the FMP is now transitioning into a permanent program that provides pretenure faculty with dedicated mentors and access to other professional development resources that will foster their success and well-being at Brandeis.

The program is made up of three essential components:

Close-Knit Mentorship

Designed to bolster the current system of departmental mentorship, program participants are placed in small cohorts and paired with a dedicated faculty mentor outside of their department. In addition to individual meetings, mentors convene semimonthly cohort-wide discussions that cover relevant professional development topics during the first year of the program.

The second year of the program is more loosely structured and participant driven. Cohort meetings have the added benefit of fostering community building among faculty mentoring program participants.

Faculty Success Program

The faculty mentoring program guarantees full funding for participants who wish to enroll in the faculty success program of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. This virtual boot camp has drawn national attention for providing concrete advice, strategies and resources for junior faculty as they enter the professoriate and navigate towards tenure.

Book and Article Manuscript Workshop

Funding and logistical support for a book manuscript workshop are offered to all faculty mentoring program participants in book fields. These workshops convene up to four specialists to discuss a full draft of a completed book manuscript.

Funding and logistical support for an article manuscript workshop are also available to program participants in article fields. These workshops convene one to two specialists to discuss a full draft of a completed article manuscript that is targeted for publication in top-tier journal.

In addition to advancing pretenure faculty members’ scholarship in important and meaningful ways, not least towards tenure, these workshops also serve ancillary benefits of expanding professional opportunities and networks at a crucial career stage. 

As we expand our capacity for mentorship in the arts and science, we want to draw your attention to a new online mentoring resource. As an institutional member of the NCFDD, Brandeis faculty of all ranks, academic staff, postdocs and graduate students now have access to the center’s impressive array of tools to increase research and writing productivity and to improve work-life balance.

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