Pilot Reporting Program

If you have chosen to utilize this reporting method, you do not need to submit UDR Initiative Report forms.

UDRs of a department/program will be jointly responsible for holding a planning meeting with their chair, UAH or department/program administrator within the first two weeks of the semester. By September 15th for the fall semester or February 8th for the spring semester, the UDRs will submit the online UDR Reporting Form outlining UDR plans for the semester. Toward the middle of the semester, the Lead UDR for your division will reach out to check on your progress in completing your semester plan and offer support for upcoming initiatives. Then at the end of the semester, you will submit a report comparing what you set out to do with what you did, evaluating when or how each initiative/event developed.

This form will guide your UDR activities this semester and should be informed by discussion between all the UDRs in your department/program and the faculty/staff with whom UDRs plan. You will receive a copy of your responses and will be expected to either follow this plan or communicate changes to your Lead UDR.

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