What does it mean to be educated in the 21st century? The Brandeis Core is a vibrant reaffirmation of our values — open inquiry, debate, inclusion and diversity — newly reimagined for our time.

If you are an undergraduate entering Brandeis in fall 2019 or after, the Brandeis Core will enrich your course of study and the life skills that foster personal and intellectual growth, and career success.

The Core curriculum uniquely fosters curiosity and professional credentials; intellectual freedom as well as practical know-how. It equips you to question answers and debate questions; explore across disciplinary boundaries; pursue academic goals; and discover new goals together with fellow students and faculty as soon as you arrive on campus.

The Core message: Explore and acquire new perspectives and knowledge along with your classmates in a shared academic experience rooted in open inquiry and inclusion.

It’s liberal arts the Brandeis way.

Core Requirements