Current UDRs

Undergraduate Departmental Representatives are responsible for opening avenues of communication between undergraduates and departmental faculty.

They also provide academic and career information to majors, minors and prospective students; organize meetings and information sessions on topics related to the program; disseminate information on current department events and activities; and serve as ambassadors for the department at university-wide events such as admitted students day and the academic fair.

2020-21 UDRs

The School of Arts and Sciences is composed of 23 academic departments and 29 interdepartmental programs. It is organized into four academic divisions: Creative Arts, Humanities, Science and Social Sciences.

UDRs are listed alphabetically by department/program. There is one lead UDR from each School of Arts and Sciences division that serves as a liaison among department and program UDRs, UDR program staff and division heads in the School of Arts and Sciences.
Department/Program UDR Division
African and African American Studies Rose-Lee Jean-Baptiste, Kwesi Jones Social Sciences
American Studies Adina Scheinberg, Jesse Zucker Social Sciences
Anthropology Shivam Nainwal, Claire Ogden, Margo Sobel Social Sciences
Arabic Language, Literature and Culture Sam Nassar, Sarah Pechet Humanities

Lance Babcock, Maggie Wang

Biological Physics

Hannah Clott, Nathan Weber

Biology Shoshana FiorinoMegan Geller,  Gabby Tercatin Science
Business Robert Banks, Yanjun Liu, Aria Pradhan, Angel Xu Social Sciences
Chemistry Andrew Baxter, Louis Farer Science
Classical Studies Eric BlumMadeleine Cahn, Draken Garfinkel, Jack Vermette Humanities
Computer Science Jason Fan, Linda Xie Science
Creativity, Arts and Social Transformation Anna Cass, Aviva Davis Creative Arts
East Asian Studies Wanyi Dai, Diana Dong, Yongchan Lee Humanities
Economics Bob Corpening, Frances Hoffen, Yaxi Huang, Jinye Li Social Sciences
Education Bridget Cifuni, Darcy Howell, Jacob Mitchell, Luca Swinford, Sophie Brill Weitz Social Sciences
English Joy Chang, Caroline Greaney, Ethan Miller Humanities
English — Creative Writing Elizabeth Berkowitz, Isaac Haber Humanities
Environmental Studies Chenxi Dai, Aaron Pins, Lily Weaver Social Sciences
European Cultural Studies Kelvin Fang Humanities
Film, Television and Interactive Media Mendel Weintraub Creative Arts
Fine Arts — History of Art Qiang Hu, Mello Wilsted Creative Arts
Fine Arts — Studio Art Anna Ginsburg Creative Arts
French and Francophone Studies Elizabeth Chernobelsky, Leora Sanders Humanities
German Studies Corey Brown, Ethan Seidenberg Humanities
Health: Science, Society and Policy Camryn Cohen, Emma Ghalili, Kristi Ho  Social Sciences
Hebrew Roe Keshet Humanities
Hispanic Studies Jessica Friedman Humanities
History Qingyang Dong, Yulanda Huang Social Sciences
Independent Interdisciplinary Major Rebecca Goldfarb N/A
International and Global Studies Siyu Duan, Kate Ross, Sissel Tan Social Sciences
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Ruth Wyckoff Humanities
Italian Studies Leah Sagan-Dworsky, Nicholas Simonetti Humanities
Journalism Jen Crystal Social Sciences
Latin American and Latino Studies Alondra López, Arlett Marquez Humanities
Legal Studies Haley Brown, Summer Quinn Social Sciences
Linguistics Tianshu Huang, Ryan Partlan, Jordan Scheiner Social Sciences
Mathematics Ari Hahalis, Judith Sherbin Science
Music Charlee Gordon, Neeti Kulkarni, Joanna Marcus Creative Arts
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Becky Marcus Humanities
Neuroscience Hannah BenDavid, Janis Li Science
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Alanna Shea Social Sciences
Philosophy Jacob Knauer, Alex Kougasian, Jessica Wei Humanities
Physics Prabu Gugagantha, Alysa Rogers Science
Politics Andrea Bolduc, Yulanda Huang, Shania Thomas Social Sciences
Psychology Gila Weinrib, Wanchen Zhao Social Sciences
Religious Studies Shari Boiskin, Jaiden Gividen Humanities
Russian Studies Alyssa Rider, Sabina Simkova Humanities
Social Justice and Social Policy Natalie Fenwick Social Sciences
Sociology Alison Hagani, Jonah Nguyen Social Sciences
South Asian Studies

Vishni Samaraweera

Theater Arts Casey Bachman, Renata Leighton, Nathan Rtishchev Creative Arts
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Izzy Hochman, Cassipea Stith Social Sciences
Yiddish Lia Dankowicz, Ellie Ross Humanities