Graduate Student Representatives

Graduate Student Representatives are responsible for opening the avenues of communication between graduate students and the Biochemistry and Biophysics faculty. Representatives provide advice, organize graduate student events and act as a resource for their fellow graduate students.

2021-2022 Biochemistry & Biophysics Representatives

Koe Inlow
Graduate Student Representative

Koe InlowKoe is a third year BCBP graduate student working with Jeff Gelles and Jane Kondev. Her specific area of research lies within the world of prokaryotic transcription. She utilizes experimental single molecule biophysics techniques to collect quantitative data; this data is then used to drive mathematical modeling that may provide new insight into these biological processes.

Michelle Langton
Graduate Student Representative

Michelle LangtonMichelle is a BCBP graduate student in Maria-Eirini Pandelia’s lab. She is researching metal containing proteins and how they utilize their metallocenters to perform chemistry. Specifically, Michelle studies the functional and structural role of a novel iron-sulfur cluster in the Hepatitis B viral protein, HBx. Because the Hepatitis B virus is linked to the development of hepatocullar carcinoma (HCC), HBx serves as a potential target for the development of anti-cancer drugs. Michelle’s spectroscopic and functional characterization of the HBx metallocofactor will help to define the oncogenic pathways and mechanisms of this causative protein.

Cristian Sharma
Graduate Student Representative

Cris SharmaCrís is a graduate student in the BCBP program working in the lab of Douglas Theobald. He is currently researching the evolution of a naturally occurring polyethylene terephthalate hydrolase (IsPETase) by employing ancestral protein resurrection on a codon sequence phylogeny. Understanding how IsPETase evolved its specificity for PET plastic will hopefully inform the development and design of new bioremediation and upcycling strategies to deal with plastic pollution.