BNC Wellworth Chapter

Brandeis, Brandeis National Committee, Wellworth Chapter

Welcome to the Wellworth Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee!

We are a vibrant community made up of men and women from the Wellworth area, committed to lifelong learning, our communities and supporting the Brandeis University libraries, scholarships, and scientific research. The chapter acts as a hub for socialization, learning opportunities and fundraising while providing our members with lots of fun. These activities come in the form of study groups and one-time events. Study groups and events not only help raise money for Brandeis, but also expand our members' knowledge of the world. Though some of our members are Brandeis alumni or family of alumni, most have no direct affiliation with the school. Anyone can be a BNC member if they have a passion for the Brandeis values this chapter seeks to emulate.

Study groups are a great way to spend time with old friends and meet new people with similar interests. We understand that everyone has different tastes, so the chapter makes a point of spreading study groups and events across a variety of topics. In the past these have included literature, film, music and special guest speakers. We are always open to suggestions for future study group subjects.

We can’t wait to see all of our members, both returning and new, for another exciting BNC year!