BNC News

We are thrilled to announce the award winning chapters for 2017-2018:

Louis Brandeis Award

These chapters succeeded in meeting its financial and membership goals, conducting a Brandeis authored study group, submitted its slate, bulletins, minutes, highlights planned giving and hosts a University on Wheels program (UOW) with a Brandeis featured speaker:

Boston | Conejo Valley | Santa Clara Valley

Financial Goal Awards

Brevard | Central Westchester | Fairfield County | Gotham | Hartford | Long Island | Las Vegas | Middlesex | Northern Virginia | South Miami Dade | Treasure Coast | Tucson | Wycliffe

Membership Goal Awards

Baltimore | Concordia | Desert | Gotham | Harmony | Hartford | Northern Virginia | Phoenix | Pompano/Ft. Lauderdale | Staten Island | Tri-County

Honor Roll Certificate of Recognition

These chapters have shown significant creativity and leadership in the following areas, each of which we wish to recognize and honor: 

Harmony – creating a cookbook as a unique fundraiser. Way to go!

Somerset – taking full advantage of the BNC website blogs.

Phoenix – for initiating and organizing a new event, the golf tournament.