Articles from 2023

A baby touches a wrinkled hand

May 15, 2023

Marty Kafka, a member of BOLLI’s Writers Guild, offers a humorous look at the challenges and many joys of living a long life.

Headshot of Richard Averbuch

May 3, 2023

Mark Seliber reflects on the legacy of CAST (Creative Acting, Storytelling and Theater) Director Richard Averbuch.

Headshot of Charlie Raskin

March 28, 2023

It is with sadness we note the passing of longtime BOLLI member, Charlie Raskin. Na’ama Ansell visited with Charlie in 2021 to learn more about him, his family, and other aspects of his well-lived life. He will be missed.

The four members of the Lydian String Quartet

March 21, 2023

Phil Radoff and Jack Curley interview Julia Glenn, the newest member of the Lydian String Quartet.

Headshot of Megan Curtis

January 24, 2023

As we learned in a recent message from Avi Bernstein, Senior Associate Director Megan Curtis has accepted a new position and will be leaving BOLLI at the end of the month. The Banner asked her to share some of her thoughts as she departs following a ten-year tenure.