C-Change Mentoring and Leadership Institute

Culture Change in Academic Medicine

The C-Change Mentoring and Leadership Institute is specifically geared to the needs of mid-career faculty whose career aspirations include research.


Mentoring and career planning for mid-career faculty is often overlooked. The majority of faculty at U.S. medical schools report mentoring to be infrequent or inadequate. To address this need, while avoiding some of the well-documented issues with traditional one-to-one mentoring, our participants ("Fellows") will be deeply immersed in a facilitated peer group mentoring process. The Institute will provide mentoring to energize faculty for success and should be valuable for those transitioning to research independence and leadership.

During a yearlong course, participants will work closely with a cohort of peers from different academic institutions across the US, convening for five quarterly two-day intensive sessions that are designed to be both productive and enjoyable. We meet on the Brandeis University campus in the metro Boston area.


Participation will be limited to no more than 20 faculty.

Note: To be selected for admission to the Institute fellowship, applicants must commit to attend all five sessions.

NIH Study of the C-Change Mentoring and Leadership Institute

The C-Change Mentoring & Leadership Institute is part of a study funded by the NIH Common Fund, through the Office of Strategic Coordination/ Office of the NIH Director, (administered by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences) under Award Number U01GM132367.


Institute Objectives

Participating faculty will:


Institute Director

Linda PololiC-Change Director Linda Pololi, Distinguished Research Scientist, is nationally recognized for innovative contributions to the professional development of faculty in academic medicine, including women and underrepresented minority groups. She developed — and is a leading proponent of — an evidence-based collaborative group approach to mentoring and leadership development that is predictably reliable in facilitating career enhancement for medical faculty.