“This program is so empowering and not just in theory but in practice as well — I have the tools to go forward.”
“Seeing the threads throughout and how all the puzzle pieces fit together has been amazing. The scope of what we were all able to accomplish in those eight days is really amazing. I will value this experience forever and am very grateful for having had the opportunity to participate.”
“It is heartening to know that there are colleagues searching as I am searching — for meaning, a sense of purpose that is bigger than what I routinely encounter or derive from day-to-day work.”
“It has definitely increased my vitality. I feel empowered to reflect and to look ahead.”
“After developing the Academic Development Plan, it was much easier for me to think through problems that I was facing in my research and to prioritize what was most important in my academic development.”
“Peer mentoring has been a revelation. This is a much more powerful model.”
“The guided and structured approaches to identify core values and strengths and the many reflective exercises have given me a much better understanding of misalignments in the past and a lot of ideas to pursue to achieve a much better integration.”
“I feel a part of something bigger than just what is going on at my local institution.”
“It has increased my vitality even during a challenging time in my career. Knowing that I had a supportive group with whom I could share my challenges gave me the strength to stand up for myself, stay true to my values, and to make decisions to protect myself and preserve my integrity.”
“The course did give me a newfound appreciation for the leadership qualities I would have to offer.”
“Practically everything we have done this year can and will be applied to what I envision and hope for regarding my future professional role.”
“I have a different, much clearer, view on mentoring than I had before participating in this course.”
“This program has been instrumental in my personal and leadership journey.”
“It has been a refreshing experience. We talk about things that are never discussed in my workplace, and in ways we never interact in my workplace.”
“It’s not the typical mentoring that I think most of us are familiar with, which is more related to technical skill and transactional skills, … this will help you get to the next level — ­ leadership and team building and professional advancement — to what we truly want to do, how we want to develop academically, and how to get there.”