Jewish Service and Volunteerism

Time for Good in Action: Implementation and Potential Outcomes
Fern Chertok, Sue Carter-Kahl, Hanna Shaul Bar Nissim, Rachel Minkin, Annette Koren (December 2017)

Opening the Black Box: Lessons from Research on Immersive Jewish Service Learning Programs for Young Adults
Fern Chertok, Josh Tobias, Matthew Boxer, and Shirah Rosin 
Journal of Jewish Communal Service (2012) 87: 31-43

Fern Chertok, Fern; Joshua Tobias, Shirah Rosin, Matthew Boxer (June 2011)

Year 2: Refining the Pedagogy of the Group Leadership Training Institute for Immersive Jewish Service Program Leaders
Joshua Tobias, Fern Chertok, Shirah Rosin (December 2011)

Engaging Jewish Teens: A Study of New York Teens, Parents and Practitioners
Amy L. Sales, Nicole Samuel, Alexander Zablotsky (November 2011)

Developing a Signature Pedagogy for Service Group Leaders: The Group Leadership Training Institute
Fern Chertok, Fern, Josh Tobias, Nicole Samuel, Shirah Rosin (November 2010)

Necessary Losses? Turnover Among Jewish Service-learning Program Leaders
Fern Chertok, Joshua Tobias, Shirah Rosin (December 2011)

Breaking New Ground/Sowing Prepared Fields: One-Year Follow up of a Service Learning Initiative
Fern Chertok, Nicole Samuel, Joshua Tobias (December 2009)

Learning To Do Good: Evaluation of UJA-Federation of New York’s Break New Ground Jewish Service Learning Initiative
Fern Chertok, Nicole Samuel (November 2008)

Justice, Justice Shall They Pursue: Young Adult Interest in Long-Term Jewish Service Options
Fern Chertok, Nicole Samuel (November 2008)

Challenges of the Third Year: An Evaluation of Limmud NY
Annette Koren, Nicole Samuel (May 2007)

Limmud NY 2006: The Event and Volunteers Who Made It Happen
Annette Koren, Aviva Androphy, (May 2006)

Limmud NY: An Experiment in Jewish Life and Learning
Annette Koren, Amy L. Sales (2005)