Frequently Asked Questions

What class years are eligible?

Any undergraduate Brandeis student who will be a sophomore, junior or senior during their year of serving as an Ambassador.

Do I have to be a current volunteer in the Waltham Group or another community service club to apply?

You do not have to be currently volunteering the semester that you apply, but preference will be given to applicants that have participated in at least one officially-recognized Brandeis community service club/Waltham Group program for at least one semester. All ambassadors are expected to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to community engagement initiatives.

What is the GPA requirement?

When you submit your application, you must have a 3.0 G.P.A. You can print out an unofficial transcript from your SAGE account. Please do not contact the Registrar.

Can I study abroad during the 2019-2020 academic year and be a 2019-2020 Ambassador?

No, you cannot. You must commit to remaining on Brandeis' Waltham campus and serve in this role for the entire 2019-2020 academic year.

Can I apply to be a 2019-2020 Ambassador if I'm studying abroad during Spring 2019?

Yes, absolutely. If you'd like to participate in an information session, this can be done via Skype for prospective applicants who are studying abroad. Please email Colby Sim to speak further about this option.

Does my resume have to be Hiatt approved?

We strongly encourage you to submit a Hiatt-reviewed resume. You can take advantage of the Hiatt drop-in hours to have your resume reviewed.

Do I have to attend an information session?

Although an information session is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged.

If all three conflict with your schedule, you alternatively can schedule a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Department of Community Service. This can be done via Skype for prospective applicants who are studying abroad. Please email Colby Sim to speak further about this option.

Applicants who have attended an information session or one-on-one meeting will have that noted during the selection process.

Who can serve as my two references?

You should list two references who can speak to your leadership skills and/or community engagement activities. These references must be from a staff member/faculty member at Brandeis or from a staff member community partner. They cannot be a student leader peer.

How will my community engagement club/Waltham Group program experience be verified?

We will verify your involvement through service hours logged in SAGE.

Although we do not require applicants to have engaged in a community service club or Waltham Group program at Brandeis, with preference will be given to those who have engaged in at least one officially-recognized Brandeis community service club/Waltham Group program for at least one semester.

Can I serve in other leadership positions while being an Ambassador?

Yes, you are able to serve in other leadership positions (including Rich-Collins CLIF Fellow or Waltham Group executive board) while being an Ambassador. That being said, we encourage you to be mindful of your other obligations and the time commitment that CEAP entails. If that may be impeded by other leadership positions, then it may be best to consider CEAP a different academic year.

If selected, can I apply to be an Ambassador for more than one year?

You can only serve as an Ambassador for one academic year. Given the limited availability of positions, we want to have as many students as possible participate in this opportunity. That being said, as mentioned below, there will be opportunities for Ambassador alumni to remain engaged with the program after participating for an academic year.

If not selected, can I apply to serve as an Ambassador again the following year?

Yes, you are encouraged to apply again if you are still interested in pursuing the opportunity and will be a junior or senior during future academic years.

Am I expected to participate beyond the academic year?

There are no formal expectations that you participate beyond your ambassador year; however, we hope that you will serve as an advocate for the program and consider sharing the opportunity with fellow Brandeis students. There also will be opportunities to connect with current and former Ambassadors following your academic year through LinkedIn and alumni engagement opportunities.

How will my stipend be distributed to me?

Stipends will be distributed in two equal installments of $1,000. The first installment will be distributed at the start of the fall semester. The second installment will be distributed at the start of the spring semester. These installments will be distributed via check or direct deposit.

Is the $2,000 stipend taxable?

You should also be aware that your stipend may be subject to income taxation, although the University is not required to report it to the IRS or to withhold taxes from it. It is the recipient student’s responsibility to report this income accurately and make payments on any taxable portion of the award. You should consult the relevant IRS guidance, tax preparation resources, or your tax advisor for the proper treatment in your particular situation, as Brandeis University cannot provide you with tax advice. If you are a non-U.S. citizen, your tax liability is dependent upon any treaties that exist between the U.S. and your country, among other factors.

What does leadership development opportunities does the Ambassador program offer?

Ambassadors will meet on a regular basis to learn about:

  • Assessing their own leadership and determining and implementing best steps in their leadership growth

  • Translating community engagement and CEAP experience to their own career development goals

  • Developing outreach strategies to market community engagement programs to their peers

  • Resolving conflict and utilizing strong communication skills in a variety of community engagement settings

  • Building sustainable, reciprocal partnerships with local community and campus partners

  • Understanding social constructs

  • Maximizing training programs and retaining volunteers

  • Evaluating and assessing community engagement programs

How long is training and what are Ambassador training expectations?

Immersive training for selected 2019 Ambassadors will be held on Aug. 26-28. Please hold these entire days on your schedule. If you have a scheduling conflict, but still plan to apply, please email Colby Sim. Training elements will continue throughout the academic year at regular meetings.

Who is a part of the Selection process?

All Department of Community Service professional staff will be involved in all aspects of the Selection process, from reviewing applications to conducting interviews with finalists. Lucas Malo (Director) and Colby Sim (Community Service Specialist) will take the lead on coordinating the Community Engagement Ambassador Program, including facilitating the leadership development components on this program.

Who can I contact for more information about CEAP?

Please email Community Service Specialist Colby Sim or call the Department of Community Service at 781-736-3234.