Past and Current Fellows and Projects

The seven 2019-2020 Rich/Collins Community Leadership and Impact Fellows were the third cohort of fellows. Over the course of the spring semester, they began the process of implementing six different projects in the community. Unfortunately, due to challenges presented by COVID-19 and the early closure of campus, these fellows were unable to successfully complete their projects. Two fellows, Nicholas and Han, have chosen to continue and complete their joint project during the fall of 2020. 
Please see below for a brief overview of all seven fellows intended projects and where they left off last spring:
  1. Aishwarya Khanna partnered with Leland Home to create Waltham Against Alzheimer’s, a program aimed to raise youth involvement with Alzheimer’s disease, build intergenerational bridges with Waltham community youth and residents at Leland Home, and increase overall awareness on Alzheimer’s disease and elderly care.
  2.  Renee Korgood partnered with WATCH CDC to create an Anti-Eviction Housing Program in order to strengthen housing instability at every point in the process; from giving clients the resources and knowledge to self advocate and avoid eviction, to providing resources and assistance before the eviction proceedings, to easing the process of going to housing court, and finally supporting clients who face eviction and need to move.
  3. Nicolas Greco and Han Kang partnered with Waltham Public High School to create the Cornerstone College Advising program, in order to provide college admissions mentorship and advising services to 11th grade students on topics such as financial aid, essay writing, resume building, college choice, and scholarships.
  4. Maddie Hayman partnered with Waltham Public High School to create a FoodShare program in order to address two documented needs; food insecurity at Waltham Public High School and the school’s environmental footprint.
  5. Gabe Trevino partnered with Land's Sake farm in order to increase volunteer engagement, provide a safer enclosure for their rabbits, and improve the farm’s sustainability through the creation of a volunteer service day at the farm.
  6. Kim Ligon partnered with Prospect Hill Kids Club in order to increase Prospect Hill parental involvement and engagement in their children’s education and lives in the after-school program through informative sessions on topics including; connection through reciprocal learning and teaching, connection through community building, conversations, and culture, connection through collaboration with educators and capitalization of resources, and the creation of a parent advisory committee. 

Read more about each project by downloading our 2019 - 2020 Rich/Collins Community Leadership and Impact Fellowship Annual Report.