It is the BCC's policy that students receiving medication through the BCC need to be engaged in regular, ongoing therapy.

Recommendations for the type and frequency of therapy are made following an initial assessment at the BCC with one of our clinicians. We see therapy as primary and our psychiatry services as an additional support that may be beneficial for certain individuals once they are engaged in regular therapy.

For students who are primarily requesting medication, we suggest finding a local psychiatrist and are happy to suggest names of local prescribers. If you have a strong relationship with a psychiatrist from home, we recommend that you consider continuing with that provider while here at Brandeis.

ADHD Medication

If you are currently prescribed medicine for ADHD, you may wish to transfer your care to a psychiatrist at the counseling center. We require an up-to-date neuropsychological evaluation that indicates a diagnosis of ADHD. Please bring a copy of this evaluation to your brief assessment appointment or have it faxed (781-736-3731) to the BCC.