Peer Resources

S.T.A.R. = Student Talking About Relationship

S.T.A.R. provides both face-to-face and online peer support resources for the Brandeis community. All peer supporter students are trained by professionals on topics including, but not limited to, general counseling skills, campus resources and procedures, domestic/dating violence, rape crisis/sexual assault, eating disorders/body image issues, LGBTQIA+ topics, and suicide/self-harm.  In addition to peer supporting, S.T.A.R. strives to promote mental wellness via engaging the community in self-care and stress relief events and activities.

S.T.A.R. aims to be a supportive resource for the Brandeis community, while promoting mental wellness and decreasing the stigma associated with reaching out for help. We provide a unique opportunity for students to speak with fellow peers, which can be more accessible and provide a different experience before taking the next steps to seek professional resources, if necessary. Through our work, we hope to build a campus climate that encourages wellness, openness, and warmth.

Location: SCC 324
Instagram: starbrandeis
Facebook: STAR Peer Support