Dean of Students Office

Campus Resources

List of campus resources to help you when you or someone you know are experiencing challenging moments that may require support. We are here for you! You are not alone!

We care about you. Brandeis is committed to providing you, as a student, faculty or staff member, the resources you need to thrive in our community.

The BCC provides counseling for students in times of stress and encourages them to ask for help with their most immediate concerns. Our staff is experienced in dealing with deeper developmental and psychological issues, ranging from stress and depression to substance abuse and eating disorders.

Here at Brandeis, we all have to look out for each other. If someone you know seems to be exhibiting harmful behavior, doing strange things, or just not acting like themselves, please get in touch with the Care Team. For emergencies, please contact Public Safety.

This is a list of ongoing, drop-in or scheduled times for students to have casual or structured connections through conversations.

The Dean of Students Office focuses on crisis management and fosters a safe and healthy campus environment where students grow and develop personally, socially, and emotionally. 

HAWP supports your well-being so you can make the most of your time at Brandeis. We coordinate campus-wide health and wellness efforts through evidence-based promotion and prevention strategies, such as educational programs and events, health information and resources, and peer education.

PARC provides education, empowerment and confidential support to members of the Brandeis community who have been impacted by violence and those who want to contribute to the anti-violence movement.

The Department of Public Safety is responsible for the protection of life and property at Brandeis University.

The Resilience Working Group meets regularly to promote resilience among undergraduate and graduate students with an emphasis on connecting students to campus resources. In 2019-2020 academic year, the Resilience Working Group produced three Resilience Fairs. In 2020-2021, they have focused on creating documents to help students identify and engage with campus resources.

This is a Brandeis University Resource Guide.