List by Interest


Please note: This is not a complete list of faculty interests. Please visit individual faculty pages for more information.

American Literature
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, John Burt, Caren Irr, Jerome Tharaud

African-American Literature
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, Faith Smith

Anglophone and Francophone African Literature
Emilie Diouf

British Literature
Thomas King, John Plotz, Laura Quinney, David Sherman, Ramie Targoff

Caribbean Literature
Emilie DioufFaith Smith

Composition and Rhetoric
John Burt, Joshua Lederman*, Dawn Skorczewski

Creative Writing
Elizabeth Bradfield, R Morgan Frank*, Michelle Hoover*, Stephen McCauley, Marc Weinberg*

Critical Theory
Ulka Anjaria, Emilie DioufCaren Irr, Thomas KingPaul MorrisonDavid Sherman

William FleschThomas King, Ramie Targoff

Early Modern/Medieval
William Flesch, Thomas King, Ramie Targoff

Ecocriticism/Environment Humanities
Caren IrrJerome Tharaud

Eighteenth-Century Literature
Thomas King, Jennifer Reed*

Ulka Anjaria, Jerónimo Arellano+, Emilie DioufWilliam Flesch, Caren Irr, Paul Morrison, John PlotzJerome Tharaud

Gender and Sexuality
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, Emilie DioufThomas King, Paul Morrison, Faith Smith

Paul Morrison, David Sherman

The Novel/Narrative Theory
Ulka Anjaria, William Flesch, Caren Irr, Robin Miller+, John Plotz, David Sherman

Philosophy and Literature
William FleschLaura QuinneyDavid Sherman

John Burt, William Flesch, Paul MorrisonLaura Quinney, Dawn Skorczewski, Ramie Targoff

Ulka Anjaria, Emilie DioufFaith Smith

Religion and Literature
David Sherman, Ramie Targoff, Jerome Tharaud

John Burt, William Flesch, Laura Quinney

South Asian Literature
Ulka Anjaria

Victorian Literature
John Plotz

+Affliated Faculty
* Visiting or Adjunct Faculty