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David Sherman

David Sherman

Dave Sherman's Modernism book

Director of Graduate Studies
Associate Professor
Ph.D., New York University

Research Interests

Modernism, Contemporary British, Narrative Theory, Continental Philosophy, Elegy, Trauma and Witnessing

Selected Publications

In a Strange Room: Modernism's Corpses and Mortal Obligation, Oxford University Press, 2014.

"Woolf's Secular Imaginary."  Modernism/modernity 23.4 (November 2016).

"Stransom's Secular Altar, or, James's Pragmatics of Dying."  The Henry James Review 37.3 (fall 2016).

"Is Narrative Fundamental? Beckett's Levinasian Question in Malone Dies." Journal of Modern Literature 32.4 (summer 2009).

"Elegy under the Knife: Geoffrey Hill and the Ethics of Sacrifice." Twentieth Century Literature, 54.2 (summer 2008.)

"A Plot Unraveling into Ethics: Woolf, Levinas, and 'Time Passes.'" Woolf Studies Annual 13 (2007).

"Burial Plots, Inoperative Community, and Faulkner's As I lay Dying." Theory@Buffalo 11 "Aesthetics and Finitude" (2007).

Poems and creative non-fiction in The Iowa Review, The Minnesota Review, The Dalhousie Review, and The Threepenny Review

Current Projects

Literature Lab
A podcast series of interviews with literary critics and scholars, "discussing the questions and concepts that drive their work."  Literature Lab is available for free subscription and download from the iTunes Store. 

Modernism and the Tangle of the Secular
A book exploring the knotted relation between religion and secularization in modernist thought, and an argument that modernism interrogates the grammar of secular concepts of identity, knowledge, and time. 

Selected Courses Taught

Comedy: Literature, Film, Theory (ENG 131a)
Virginia Woolf (ENG 78a)
Literature and Medicine  (ENG 58a)
Modernism, Atheism, God (ENG 78b)
Literary Witnessing and the Poetics of Memory (ENG 107b)
Magical Realism and Modern Myth (COML 117a)