"Taking a NEJS course at Brandeis is like opening up a whole new book with new perspectives. Despite how much you think you know about Judaism, there is still so much to learn! The NEJS faculty at Brandeis is a brilliant group of people that love teaching what they're passionate about. You will thoroughly enjoy the journey."

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The Minor consists of a coherent set of five courses in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, of which two may be cross-listed courses or courses taken at other universities.

How to Become a NEJS Minor

Students who wish to minor in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies meet with undergraduate advising head Jonathan Krasner and are assigned a faculty advisor in accordance with their individual areas of interest. Together with their advisor, they develop a plan of study designed to fulfill the requirements of the minor and to meet their personal interests and needs. With the approval of the department, a limited amount of credit may be awarded for appropriate courses taken at other universities.

For complete information on the NEJS minor, see the Brandeis University Bulletin.