Recent Research Publications

Jewish community study of Louisville report cover

September 2022

The 2021-22 Study of Jewish Louisville provides a comprehensive portrait of the community's 14,200 Jews; their families; their Jewish attitudes, behaviors, and affiliations; their health and financial welfare; and other measures of their engagement in Jewish life. Findings should help the Louisville Jewish community make critical decisions about the next decade of Jewish life in the region.

LA Jewish Community Study report cover

June 2022

The Los Angeles Jewish community is the 2nd largest federated Jewish community in the United States. Its size and diversity make it unique. The community includes 565,000 Jewish individuals living in nearly 300,000 households. More than 175,000 non-Jews live in households with adult Jews. The community’s diversity is reflected in part by the large number of individuals who are immigrants or children of immigrants. In addition to other markers of personal identity, diversity also encompasses varied expressions of Jewish identity and engagement with Jewish life.

AJPP Political Report 2020

May 2022

This summary report provides new detailed data on the political views, political party identification, and party leaning of Jewish adults in the United States.