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Building Knowledge of Contemporary Jewry

The Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies incorporates the latest social science techniques in the study of contemporary Jewish life. The Steinhardt Social Research Institute develops reliable quantitative data about the US Jewish population.

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Local Jewish Community Studies

Using cutting-edge social science methods, we collect, analyze, and report accurate and actionable data that informs community planning and helps animate Jewish life.

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US Jewish Population Estimates

Our American Jewish Population Project includes a detailed interactive map of the US Jewish population with demographic profiles and political views of Jewish adults for states, metropolitan areas, and counties in the United States.

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Birthright Israel Research

Our research on Birthright Israel employs rigorous methods to evaluate Birthright's short-term and long-term impact on Jewish young adults.

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Evaluation Research

From studies of Hillel to synagogues and Jewish camp, we document the impact of core programs and initiatives on Jewish community life.

Recent Research Publications

Delaware report cover

February 2023

The 2022 Community Study of Jewish Delaware and the Brandywine Valley is the first in-depth assessment of the size and characteristics of the Jewish community in Delaware since 1995, and the first to include a section of the Brandywine Valley in Pennsylvania. The study provides a comprehensive portrait of the community's 25,900 Jews; their families; their Jewish attitudes, affiliations, and behaviors; their health and financial well-being; and other measures of their engagement in Jewish life.

Ezra Springboard Alumni Evaluation Report Cover

August 2022

The Springboard Fellowship is the largest early career incubator in the Jewish community. This report presents the results of the annual study of Springboard and Ezra Fellowship alumni. The surveys, fielded in fall 2021, included questions on employment and graduate studies, future career interests, and Jewish life and leadership. Also included were questions on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on professional decisions.

Jewish community study of Louisville report cover

September 2022

The 2021-22 Study of Jewish Louisville provides a comprehensive portrait of the community's 14,200 Jews; their families; their Jewish attitudes, behaviors, and affiliations; their health and financial welfare; and other measures of their engagement in Jewish life. Findings should help the Louisville Jewish community make critical decisions about the next decade of Jewish life in the region.