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Requirements for the Major

Students entering Brandeis in the fall of 2016 or after must fulfill the following requirements: completion of nine semester courses, which must include:

  1. A.    SOC 1a. This course should be taken early in the curriculum.
  2. B.    Soc 100b. Social Theory
  3. C.    Soc 181a. (For AY 2016-2017, students may substitute either Soc 118a or Soc 182a for their methods requirement.)
  4. D.    At least one course in three of the following four sub-areas:

Health, Illness, and Life Course

SOC 117b, 165a, 169b, 176a, 177b, 189a, 191a, 193a, 194a, 196a; ANTH 111a; HSSP 114b, 120bj, 192b.

Political and Social Change

SOC 111a, 112b, 119a, 123b, 141a, 146b, 147a, 148b, 153a, 155b, 157a, 162a, 168a, 175b; AAAS 118b; AMST 55a; HS 110a, 143a, HIST 181b,

Gender and Family

SOC 115a, 117a, 124a, 125a, 130a, 131b, 132b, 137a, 138a; POL 125a.

Institutions, Communities, and Culture

SOC 104a, 104aj, 108bj, 116a, 120a, 120b, 122a, 125b, 126a, 127a, 129a, 146a, 147a, 149b, 150b, 151b, 152a, 154a, 156aj, 164a,; AAAS 177a; 183b; IGS 130a; NEJS 164b.

E. Three additional sociology electives.

F. A minimum of six semester courses counted toward major credit must be taught by a member of the faculty from the Department of Sociology.  (No more than two courses from study abroad may count toward the major requirements).

G. No more than two courses cross-listed in sociology may count toward the major requirements.

H. No grade below a C- will be given credit toward the major.

I. No course taken pass/fail may count toward the major requirements.

J. Students may apply an internship course (either SOC 89a, SOC 92a, SJSP 89a, or WMGS 89a) only once toward the requirements for the major.

K. Students must take at least one upper level seminar.

L. Honors candidates are required to take SOC 99a and b (Senior Research) in addition to the nine sociology courses. Enrollment in SOC 99a and b requires a minimum overall GPA of 3.20, or a 3.50 in sociology.

Sociology Research Track

Students may also elect to participate in the Sociology Research Track, which provides concentrated training focused on professional sociological research. To enroll in the Research Track, students can meet with the department’s Undergraduate Advising Head at any point, though it is strongly encouraged that interested students declare prior to their final year at Brandeis. Students in the Research Track must complete the following requirements:

1. Earn a grade of B- or better in a Sociology research methods course (either SOC 118a, 136b, 181a, 182a, 182aj, or 183a). Students should complete this methods requirement by the end of their junior year, or successfully petition to fulfill the requirement during their seventh semester.

2. Successfully complete either a Senior Honors Thesis (SOC 99a and b) or a Senior Research Paper (SOC 98a or 98b).

3. Earn a grade of B- or better in the Sociology Capstone Seminar (SOC 199b). Research Track participants will receive major credit for the capstone course, as well as for SOC 98a or b or SOC 99b.

Additionally, Research Track participants will have opportunities to attend specialized meetings with visiting colloquium speakers and to give a guest lecture or presentation in an undergraduate Sociology course, the Approaches to Sociological Research graduate proseminar, and/or the New England Undergraduate Sociology Research Conference.

Special Notes Relating to Undergraduates

Joint graduate/undergraduate senior seminars are courses on advanced topics in sociology that are limited to twelve students. These courses are an opportunity for more in-depth study and are especially valuable for anyone considering graduate school. In ordinary circumstances, they will be accessible only to advanced undergraduates with adequate preparatory work (SOC 1a or SOC 3b and other sociology courses). Permission of instructor is necessary for undergraduates.