Application Checklist

1. Complete the Application for Student Teaching.

2. Start the application through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

a. Select program:

i. Education | Elementary Education (Bachelor’s/MAT for Brandeis Undergraduates) / Five-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s
ii. Education | Secondary Education (Bachelor’s/MAT for Brandeis Undergraduates) / Five-Year Bachelor’s/Master’s (Note: Applicants for the Jewish day schools program should select from elementary or secondary concentrations.)

b. Upload requirements: CV, Essay, unofficial transcript and recommendation letters. (GREs waived)

c. Complete the undergraduate degree completion audit with the education adviser.

d. Submit application.

3. Complete self-audit form.

4. Prepare for an interview.

5. Apply for need-based aid.

6. Contact the Registrar’s office to change your graduation date to February.