Annie presenting her research.

A BA-MAT'21 presenting her research during MAT graduation celebration on July 2, 2021.

If you are considering enrolling in the BA/BS-MAT Program, please review the requirements below.

  1. Meet with an Education Program advisor (Elementary: Rachel Kramer Theodorou; Secondary: Danielle Igra). Bring your resume and transcript to the meeting.

  2. Begin taking courses required for the minor in teacher education. To increase your experience and understanding of teaching, we request that you take the first two courses for the minor. As well, an advisor can talk through your options in seeking graduate education and employment in teaching.

  3. Complete the general education requirements and courses for your major by the end of your junior year. Summer and fall MAT count towards the 128 credit requirement. The BA/BS-MAT is a fast-track and intense program, and your advisor can help ensure that all your requirements — undergraduate, majors/minors, and optional studies are completed by the end of your junior year.   

  4. Apply for Undergraduate Student Teaching. All undergraduates whether Teacher Education Minor or BA/BS MAT must complete the application for student teaching. Once you have completed this, the Education Program will be contacting your professors for assurance that you are ready to teach.

  5. Follow the BA/BS-MAT Application Checklist to complete your application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS). The application fee is waived and GREs are not required for Brandeis graduates. The deadline to submit a completed application is January 31.

Program Structure

BA/BS-MAT dual degree program join other MAT students in all coursework and seminars before, during and after their senior year.

Semester Status Action
Fall of junior year Undergraduate Apply for student teaching and BA/BS-MAT
Spring of junior year Undergraduate Complete undergraduate requirements
Summer before senior year Undergraduate Take Summer MAT Courses
Fall of senior year Undergraduate Take MAT Courses
Student-Teach ~20 hrs/wk
Spring Graduate Take MAT Courses
Student-Teach ~35 hrs/wk
Summer after senior year Graduate Take MAT Courses

Student Status

As an applicant to the dual degree program, you will be accepted as a special student with a status of “undergraduate” during the first summer. Once you accept the offer of admission, you must contact the Registrar’s office and request to change your graduation date to the end of the fall semester.

Scholarship Assistance

You will be eligible for undergraduate aid that is currently in place during the summer of your junior year and the fall semester of your senior year. Undergraduate aid will be prorated for the first summer, during which the MAT tuition will be charged. To find out the amount you would be eligible for, contact Student Financial Services.

In the fall semester, full undergraduate aid and tuition for which you are eligible will be applied. In the spring and second summer, MAT tuition will be charged and you will be eligible for financial aid from GSAS offered to MAT students.


If you live on campus, contact the Department of Community Living after you matriculate into the BA/BS-MAT Program and inform the staff that you plan to keep your current housing.