Tackling Today's Critical Environmental Issues

Many of the critical dilemmas that threaten our world today — climate change, shrinking natural resources, human health effects from toxic exposures — have environmental underpinnings.

Addressing these problems requires a truly interdisciplinary approach, calling upon understanding and tools from across the university. The Brandeis Environmental Studies Program prepares students to tackle these issues through rigorous coursework in the natural and social sciences, including economics, law, policy, history, ecology and physical sciences, and innovative hands-on learning programs that take students into the field and the community.

Our Major and Minors

Brandeis offers a major and minor in Environmental Studies and a minor in Climate Justice, Science & Policy (CJSP). You’ll develop skills in research, report writing, oral communication, advocacy, mapping, website development and problem-solving, preparing you for later work and studies in an environmental field and many other fields of study. Our program is also at the vanguard of the citizen science movement, which empowers participants to engage in scientific research to bring about change.

Citizen Science

A pale gray butterfly with orange spots perched on a flowering plant.

Since 2016, the campus community has been documenting biodiversity (the variety of life) on campus via the online science platform iNaturalist.

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