Interdepartmental Program in European Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts in European Cultural Studies

Ever wonder what constitutes “culture?” Would you like to study both European literature and the artistic, social, political and historical contexts in which it was created? If so, the European Cultural Studies degree program is for you. Our program focuses on the study of European literature across time and across boundaries while encouraging you to delve into its interrelationship with music, painting, philosophy and other arts.

As an ECS major, you will customize your major to suit your academic interests, whether they lie in Greek tragedy or German Romanticism, French Postmodernism or the Holocaust. At the same time, you will supplement your area of focus with other cultural humanities courses. Our course offerings range from ancient Greek mythology to Jewish theory, so you can really tailor your degree to the region and period you choose while gaining exposure to a wide range of movements in European thought and culture.

In the end, you will understand how literature and the arts express and preserve the ways in which a culture interprets the world. More specifically, you will have gained an understanding of European civilization and its place in the global context.

Our graduates have gone on to pursue research in the humanities, enter the legal and public service fields and join global companies.

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