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Academic Programs at Brandeis International Business School


The study of the global economy is at the heart of the educational experience at Brandeis International Business School (IBS). By teaching rigorous business, finance and economics, connecting students to best practices and immersing them in international experiences, Brandeis IBS prepares exceptional individuals from around the globe to become principled professionals in companies and public institutions worldwide.

Brandeis IBS provides a thorough exploration of international business, economics and finance. Our academic curriculum, the research interests of our faculty and the composition of the student body all contribute to making this a truly global business school. 


The Financial Times, The Princeton Review, and The TFE Times (formerly The Financial Engineer) have all agreed that Brandeis IBS provides a distinctive learning experience for students interested in the diversified world of global business.

Brandeis IBS offers four graduate programs, an undergraduate business major and minor and combined BA/MA and BA/MBA programs. 

Graduate Programs:


Brandeis IBS offers more than 30 core courses and 65 electives each year. Students can pursue one of nine specializations within areas of business, economics and finance that align with their educational and career aspirations. A powerful blend of academic rigor and practitioner expertise gives students skills in global fluency that enable them to thrive across borders and cultures.