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Economics — one of the most popular majors at Brandeis — provides a lens through which we can better understand and improve our world.

Economics is the study of human choice and economic behavior. It helps explain the connections between individuals, institutions, and social outcomes. Whether you major or minor in economics, you will learn the general principles of economics, microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, statistics and econometrics, with an emphasis on analytic and quantitative approaches. Your economics degree will enable you to bring this knowledge to bear on a range of questions and challenges, such as economic development, income inequality, unemployment, inflation, and international trade.

While many people go on to pursue an advanced degree in economics, business, law or public policy, the BA degree in economics also prepares you for a career in business, technology, education, government — and beyond.

Why Brandeis?

At Brandeis, economics majors can capitalize on the presence of the Brandeis International Business School by taking graduate-level courses in economics and finance. They can also take advantage of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management by taking courses on health economics and public policy. Interdisciplinary courses that combine economics with other disciplines in the arts and sciences are also available.

Given the relentless globalization of the economy, study abroad is an ideal way for you to expose yourself to international and cross-cultural approaches to business, finance and politics. You may also opt to write an honors thesis.

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“The Brandeis Economics Department was vital to developing my interest in the field. As a major, I was taught that building intricate models is not the purpose of economics. Instead, I learned how to approach complex questions in the context of intuitive frameworks.”

Sarah Shahanaghi ’14

PhD student at Columbia University